Liz Lemon Swindle Mary

Do You Have Room for the Savior?

"Do you have room for the Savior? And do you seek Him anew? Have you a place for the one who lived and died for you? Are you as humble as a shepherd boy or as wise as men of old? Would you have come that night? Would you have sought the light? Do you … Continue reading Do You Have Room for the Savior?

A wax mold of the Savior carrying the cross.

Angela Johnson’s Studio

For over a year, I've had the tremendous honor of working directly with sculptor Angela Johnson in promoting her work. After sculpting for over a decade, Angela is now working on an ambitious and miraculous project to create larger-than-life-size depictions of the Savior's miracles. These statues will later be installed in the gardens at Thanksgiving … Continue reading Angela Johnson’s Studio