My sister Shannon is our family's greatest blessing.

Shannon’s Words

 Born with cerebral palsy, Shannon struggled her entire life with writing and speaking...until she decided to go on a mission for the Mormon Church. Listen to her remarkable story! Shannon's story is a deeply personal one for me and I've wanted to make a video of it for a very long time. Why is this … Continue reading Shannon’s Words

"Embraced by the Creator" a sketch by Jon McNaughton.

The Step to a New Life

This is a selection from the book "The Seven Paths of the Anasazi Way" published by The ANASAZI Foundation. This is one of the most beautiful stories that I have ever read. When the heavens stopped beating down on me and the sky finally cleared, I collapsed to the earth in exhaustion. How long I … Continue reading The Step to a New Life

The Path of We - Sharing a final sacred circle with the TrailWalkers of ANASAZI.


In September of 2007, after being led on a difficult, five-mile hike through everything that I could possibly be allergic to, I laid underneath my simple shelter on the ANASAZI trail in Arizona and wrote, "I don't know what I was thinking. I'm not cut out to be a TrailWalker." Thus began my first week as … Continue reading ANASAZI and Me