Meeting Elder Kearon

I generally don’t think much about meeting a leader of my church.

Don’t misunderstand. I think our leaders are inspired men and women, but I see them as human beings like the rest of us. I don’t hold them above anyone else. Meeting a leader (or having their signature, or a picture with them) doesn’t hold a lot of weight with me. I care more about the character of a person and less about the transaction.

Elder Kearon

That being said, I met Elder Kearon today.

I work in retail as a part-time job. Not a very glamorous job, to be sure, but one that I enjoy.  Although I must say that during the holidays…people can get testy….on both sides of the register.

When Elder Kearon approached the counter, I instantly recognized him…but from where? Then he spoke.

I recognized that voice! General Conference. October 2010.

I must admit, it was one of the few talks that I could/can recall from the October 2010 Conference. The content and the feeling with which he shared it made a deep impression on me.

That impression was deepened today as I conversed with Elder Kearon. Truthfully, we didn’t say much. But his demeanor and cheerful, peaceful disposition (amid shopping chaos) communicated a lot to me. As I wrote at the beginning, I generally don’t think much about meeting a leader of my church, but my (brief) conversation with him made my work day lighter.

So thank you, Elder Kearon, not only for having a recognizable voice, but for being a kind-hearted witness at a register.