Seth Adam Smith

Rose Datoc Dall

I met the Virgin Mary the other day.

Rose Datoc Dall paints Mary

She came in while I was working in a back room and said: “Hi.”

I looked at her strangely, replying in kind and then said, “I’ve seen you in paintings. You’re Mary, right?”

She nodded and then said, “Although, I don’t think that Mary wore Christmas socks or had candy-can stripped nails.”

I laughed and we chatted for a bit before she went out to the floor to pose for a new painting by Rose Datoc Dall.

Rose Datoc Dall was a special guest at the Deseret Book in Salt Lake. After the crowds had died down, I had a brief opportunity to speak with her about her artwork. She’s a very accomplished and kind-hearted artist (And until I saw her at the store that day, I hadn’t known that she had created one of my favorite paintings of Joseph Smith).

I recommend you check out her website and her artwork. I was very impressed with her and continue to be amazed at her unique and beautiful style of painting.