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Living My Dream Life

Me, overlooking Phoenix, Arizona.

I was driving out to the ANASAZI trail last week and someone posed the question: “What’s the dream life you’ve always imagined living?”

Someone in the suburban said that their dream life would be to manage an organic farm while someone else said that traveling the world was their dream life. The question went from person to person and right before it got to me—-we arrived at the trail and had to leave.

But the question has given me cause to think, because if it had come to me I was prepared to say, “I’m already living my dream life.”

It’s true. I’m living my dream life. But not because I’ve reached any sort of destination.

I feel like a lot of people measure their life by more by the destination rather than by the journey. My friend Nathan once told me that “life is about the process, not the product.”

The process of my life lately has been so wonderful I feel like I’m living my dream life: I’m engaged to the girl of my dreams, I’ve got an incredibly supportive and loving family, an amazing job (ANASAZI), I work with amazing people on a regular basis, my future plans are becoming more and more clear, and I’m on the threshold of finishing a book.

But see, most of these things are a process and not an end result. My joy in a supportive and loving family, for example, is found in the day to day things. Being engaged (the anticipation, writing to each other, pictures, planning and setting goals) is a process.

So I’m loving the journey and living my dream life.



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