Rebuilding the 1965 Mustang – Part 1

A sweet picture of the Mustang logo.

When I was a kid, my older brother David built tree forts, dog houses and a loft inside the house while my dad was on a business trip (dad was not happy about the loft).

I would watch my brother, wide-eyed and amazed and would think to myself: my brother David can do anything!

Right now, my brother David is rebuilding the family Mustang.

Did David have any experience rebuilding cars? No. But that hasn’t stopped him! He’s read books, watched videos online and has basically done all of the work by himself.

Oh sure, I’ve helped Dave with a few things and I’ve used it to impress Kim, “Oh, Kim! I didn’t see you there. I’ve just been using all of my muscles—which are many—to work on this Mustang. Yeah, hard work. It’s something I do often. I’m good at it.”

The Mustang has been in our family for a very, very long time. My parents used it as their getaway car after their wedding. For years, it has rusted in our garage, waiting for the day when it could driven (with style) again.

Finally, David just couldn’t stand it anymore and took matters into his own hands!

He started working on it in September of 2011 and has made tremendous strides. Here are some pictures:

The Mustang – September 2011
Some of the rust and damage on the driver’s seat floor. I found a penny.
David cutting out the floor. Sparks are cool.
David welding the trunk area. Did he know how to weld
before he started rebuilding the car? No. He’s a quick learner!
Hooking the Mustang up to the truck (we moved it to David’s garage).

David’s got most of the difficult stuff out of the way (and in the dead of winter). It’s mostly just putting the pieces back on, painting it and making sure the engine can make the car move. 🙂

About a month ago, David was getting discouraged and thought to himself: This is a lot of work. I don’t know if I can do this. I’ve never rebuilt a car before. 

When he sat up and looked out the garage he saw a little kid standing on the sidewalk. The kid’s eyes were wide and he spoke really slow, “Wow. You…… can fix this. It’s a really old car. You can fix this.”

And it’s true. My brother David can do anything.

I will keep you updated on the progress of the Mustang…



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