Rebuilding the 1965 Mustang – Part 2

The refurbished steering wheel (original, thank you very much).
The refurbished steering wheel (original, thank you very much).

When last we saw our hero David, it was March of this year and I had just helped him tow the 1965 Mustang from my parents’ home to his home.

David’s plan? Work on it whenever he had a moment to spare. He was determined to finish that Mustang no matter what it took!

…what an idiot.

At least, that’s what I thought when he told me he was planning to rebuild it.

I mean, honestly! That Mustang has been in our family for years and years and years and years. And most of that time it has spent on a driveway with flat tires growing a vast collection of rusty car cancer.

So, David’s idea to rebuild this rotting piece of metal sounded absolutely ridiculous. I think he noticed my look of disbelief and said: “No seriously, Seth. It’s like symbolic for me. This is a family car. Dad and Mom drove this. It’s all about the family.”

And it is.

My dad has one brother (who is also named David). But since we grew up in Alaska we didn’t have many opportunities to spend time with our extended family.

So imagine my surprise when I published my post about the Mustang on Facebook and immediately drew responses from Uncle David’s family.

Cousin Steven: This is awesome. I still think my dad made a bad trade:)

Me: Trade? There was a trade?

Uncle David: This yellow Mustang was our car right after we got married. I bought it from Colleen’s parents. We drove it until our family would not fit. Then traded it to Paul for a Plymouth Barracuda. How wonderful it is finally getting a new lease on life.

Brother David: Dave, we would love it if you had some photo’s of your family and the car you could share with us. If you have any more details on where, when, and how much the car was bought for…that would be really cool.

So as time has gone on, this project has extended beyond David and myself, but to our whole family…