Vladimir – Russian, Rocket Scientist, Mormon.

Vladimir – Russian, Rocket Scientist, Mormon.

Vladimir - Russian Rocket Scientist and Mormon.
Vladimir – Russian Rocket Scientist and Mormon.

A Russian Rocket scientist whose journey of faith began in a Nazi concentration camp…

I have been waiting a long time to show this video to you!

I served my mission for the LDS Church in Russia, Vladivostok. About a year ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to help with the edit of an “I Am A Mormon” type video for the More Good Foundation. The video was of a Russian scientist named Vladimir. Anya Vlasova, a friend of mine from Ussuriysk, Russia (one of the cities in which I served), translated most of the Russian into English (thanks, Anya!) so that I could do my (small) part in editing. In all of my years of editing, this has been one of my favorite experiences. Vladimir’s story and testimony was amazing and while I edited his video I was surrounded by talented, consecrated people whose only interest was to help bless the Saints of Russia.

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Vladimir’s story is the second installment of five videos about Russian Mormons. Vladimir is a Russian rocket scientist that has more than 50 patents to his name. He was baptized a few years ago but his journey of faith began in a Nazi concentration camp…

Important: AFTER you press play, you can turn on the English subtitles by clicking the CC box (closed caption) at the bottom right of the video frame.

The video will be up on http://мормон.рф (which is all in Russian) and will contain some additional biographical information.

To learn more about this project of filming Russian Mormons, please watch this video:

The next release will be Yevgeniya on 30 September, 2012. (midnight Moscow time, 2 p.m. Utah time). The others will following every two weeks and will be posted on YouTube channel MormonRF.

Special thanks to:

Jed Wells, director, photographer, editor, and mentor
Jonathan Wright, photographer and assistant to the director
Christina Armbruster, photographer
Joseph Belliston, Sound mix
Kaleidoscope Pictures: Color correction

…and BYU Alumni Mentored-Learning Sponsors: BYU Alumni Association, Marriott School, Multiling Foundation, More Good Foundation, Chad and Bethany Packard.



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