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Two-Time Russian Cycling Champion Finds Strength in Mormonism

Evgeniya, a two-time Russian cycling champion, found her ultimate strength in the Mormon faith.

“God holds my hand every day, and He shows me His love and power every day. I clearly feel His presence around me When you are alone, when you are feeling unloved, when you are sad, or when it seems that everything is terrible, He is near and will hold you by your hand.”

Important: AFTER you press play, you can turn on the English subtitles by clicking the closed caption box at the bottom right of the video frame.

After filming this video, Evgeniya went on to serve a mission in Vladivostok, Russia.

Evgeniya’s story is the third installment of five videos about Russian Mormons. Please help share her story! Pin it. Facebook it. Embed it. And send out emails.

Evgeniya, a Russian Cycling Champion
Evgeniya, a Russian Cycling Champion

This video is also up on http://мормон.рф (an all Russian site) and contains some additional biographical information.

I served my mission for the LDS Church in Russia, Vladivostok. About a year ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to help editing one of these  videos for the More Good Foundation. The other videos in this series can be found on the YouTube channel MormonRF.

To learn more about this project of filming Russian Mormons, please watch this video:



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