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Government Should NOT Be Involved In Marriage

What’s better than marriage equality? Marriage freedom.

Let’s be honest with one another: when it comes to same-sex marriage, the government’s involvement is heart breaking—for both sides.

It’s hurtful, because no matter what happens (or has happened), you’re dealing with force. Either consenting adults are restricted from entering into life-long commitments, or religious organizations (and individuals) may perhaps be forced to sanction something with which they may disagree.

A marriage commitment is a personal decision; a right that should be secured through the Constitution. Government should not have a say in which consenting adults may or may not get married. Can you think of anything more demeaning or totalitarian? The government has no right to tell an organization that you can or cannot marry someone.

In order to guarantee religious freedom AND protect the rights of all LGBT, we must take marriage out of the control of government. This means that when it comes to marriage and consenting adults, the government should offer no restrictions, subsidies, or interference of any kind.

Real equality would be government that is not in charge of marriage.





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