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Interviewing Al Fox | The Tattooed Mormon

Me with Al Fox!
Me with Al Fox!

On Sunday, I interviewed Al Fox, “the Tattooed Mormon.”

It happened on a whim. I was going to Utah to attend the ANASAZI Gathering and the thought came to me: “Al lives in Utah. Send her a message and ask if she’d be willing to do an interview for Forward Walking. She probably has some really good insights about moving forward.”

So I asked.

And remarkably, she agreed.

Now, you have to understand—Al is booked, absolutely booked with speaking engagements until the end of the year. She showed me her calendar. It’s insane! She’s a dedicated soul.

The interview was great. As I said, I thought of doing the interview for Forward Walking (a spiritual, but non-denominational blog). So I was planning on making a video that spoke to a broad religious audience. But as the interview progressed, I quickly realized that her story couldn’t and shouldn’t be separated, in any way, from her faith. She has some remarkable insights concerning her conversion to Mormonism and subsequent journey.

During the interview, Al said that when questions arise (as they surely will), don’t ask of Google, ask of God. It’s good to study things out, but just like Joseph Smith’s story, the wisdom of mankind is more of a “war of words, and tumult of opinions.” But God is always willing to answer your questions—if you’re willing to ask.

Anyway, I’ll work on the video interview and should have it published (hopefully) later this week. Thanks so much, Al!



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  1. Thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed this interview…Al is an inspiration to all of us, regardless of our situation and circumstance. Thank you for sharing your jo, and reminding us all that we are children of a loving and caring Father In Heaven!