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A Former Russian Prison in Utah!

Not long ago, I discovered a Russian prison in Utah. No joke! Ask Garrett Batty!

Garrett Batty is the writer and director of the upcoming LDS film, The Saratov Approach, a film about the 1998 kidnappings of two LDS missionaries in Saratov, Russia.

I met with Garrett in July and interviewed him about the project. Here is what he had to say:

At some point during the interview, Garrett mentioned that they had filmed the “prison” scenes in the basement of the building we were in.

“Wait, are you serious?” I asked, my little boy heart giddy with the prospect of visiting the set of a movie.

“Yeah, do you want to see it?” Garrett asked.

I wanted to scream: Yes, take me there, NOW! But I managed a, “Oh, sure, if its not too much trouble.”

He then took me down to the basement and showed me where they had filmed The Saratov Approach. They had scrapped the set, but you could still see some outlines of where there was once a Russian prison—in Utah.

The stripped set of “The Saratov Approach.”


Set of The Saratov Approach 02
Garrett Batty, giving me a tour of a former “Russian prison.”


Garrett Batty and I (with a small portion of the film in the background).
Garrett Batty and I (with a small portion of the film in the background).

Made you look.



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  1. I can’t wait to see this but probably won’t be able to until it’s on video. I saw the previews fir this and immediately thought about the miracles involved. Who says miracles only happened in the days of scripture. Alma and Amulek were released feom prison by the hand of God. He still performs miracles today. All we need to do is open our eyes and see it. Sometimes the smallest and simplest things are the greatest miracles.