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Text Messages from God

Not long ago, I was going through some really difficult things. In anger and frustration, I called out to God and made a few demands (sprinkled with some rather choice words). I wanted to know why. What happened next is best described as a series of text messages from God. I didn’t hear a voice or see a light, but I definitely felt the answers as words in my heart (if that makes any sense). These answers have become a sustaining reason for my continued faith in God. I’ve taken the liberty to illustrate a few of them as though they were actual text messages. If they help and inspire you, all I ask is that you please share them with others. Hello Heaven? May I Please Speak to God?I then vented some of my frustrations with faith. 02 Text from GodI felt encouraged to have faith in myself and believe that I could accomplish great things. I didn’t believe it. Mistakes Bigger Than God I took some time and talked about my depression (which, at the time, was quite severe) and the pain I had caused myself and others. He listened quietly and then responded with this:04 Text from God

The Love of God

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Can You Hear God Now?



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