Why You Should Read to Your Children

Read to ChildFew topics are as near and dear to me as reading. I absolutely love books and the power that words have to transform our lives and heal our souls.

When I was young, my dad sat down and read a bedtime story to my sister Jaimie and me. Now, he may have read to us on other occasions, but that is the one and only time that I can remember him doing so. I remember where we were, the words that he read, and even the inflection in his voice.

The story he read—and the meaning behind it—made such an impact on me that I have carried that same book with me throughout my life. (True story. It’s on the corner of my desk right now.) The story transformed my life, and it’s now the backbone of my non-fiction book that will be published in September.

Now, why am I telling you all of this? Because although it may seem like such a simple thing, taking the time to read to children can change their lives for the better. Not only can it have a positive impact on their character and future relationships, but multiple studies have highlighted the educational benefits of reading to children at an early age.

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association:

“Toddlers are like little scientists.” They explore with all their senses, learn trial and error, cause and effect, and their brain growth increases through personal interaction with parents, grandparents, caregivers, and even other children. Reading aloud, laughing, talking, and exploring books together from an early age significantly improves language development and literacy outcomes for children in the long run.”

To meet the need of these “little scientists,” one of my friends is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for a new type of book called Pictivities. The project is so innovative that it’s actually been selected by Kickstarter as a Staff Pick:

“Pictivities is a new series of board books for young children. The books are designed to generate interaction between reader and child by linking pictures to words and actions. On each page there is a picture button that shows an object, animal, or person. Each image is also linked to an action. You prompt your child to touch the button and then you both say and do the action together.”

All the words and pictures for the first Pictivities book are DONE and the funds generated from this Kickstarter campaign will help finance the first print run of the book. As they’re nearing the deadline, I would humbly ask that you check out their project and donate generously. The authors themselves have partnered with several organizations to help donate copies of their books to charity.

Reading to your children is so important and I couldn’t endorse this project more. Please click on the image below to watch their video and make a pledge to help make Pictivities a reality.

Reading to Children



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