I Made A “Literal” Tree!

“I think I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a tree.” (Joyce Kilmer)

I love reading and I love autumn. So, naturally, I ripped out the pages of some of my favorite books, plastered them on the wall, and painted a tree above my desk. Now I have a “literal” tree in my office!!!

Ain’t it purdy?

Literal Tree 01
That’s my desk right there. See it? I’ve had the same desk ever since I was six. True story. And I’m NOT parting with it.
Literal Tree 02
This is what it looks like up there. Neato torpedo.
Literal Tree 04
This is a leaf. It isn’t real. I taped it to the wall. No plants were hurt in the making of this wall. (Except for the trees that were cut down to make the pages of the book—sorry guys!)
Literal Tree 03
I got this paint at Target. I got the brush there too. I got the leaves from a friend. I got the desk from my dad. I got the natural lighting from God. High fives all around!



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