The Man in the Maze and Moving Forward

An ancient Native American symbol is a powerful reminder to keep moving forward…

I just got back from a trip to Arizona. While there, I was given a gift of the “The Man in the Maze,” an ancient Native American symbol for life. I talk about it in more detail in the video below.

This video is the first part of a YouTube series called “Keep Moving Forward.” My goal in this series is to produce daily videos that are inspirational and uplifting. This year, I will travel to numerous places, meet a lot of incredible people, and document my travels and insights through video. Naturally, I will post a lot of those videos to my blog, but if you want to stay up-to-date, then please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Thanks for all of your support and keep moving forward!



0 thoughts on “The Man in the Maze and Moving Forward

  1. This is very cool! The design itself is attractive, and both of your interpretations of it resonate with me. As we are all working our way through the maze, it is helpful to have encouragement along the way. And as we are all hoping to someday reach “home,” as you say and be free of the maze, this provides inspiration and a reason to press on. Looking forward to seeing more of your journey!

    1. Thanks, Laura! I am glad that the symbol resonates with you as well. I will definitely be posting more of my journey! So many places to visit, people to meet, and so much to learn! Thank you for following!