The Russian Orphan

A few years ago, I worked at Anasazi Foundation, a wilderness therapy program for at-risk youth. For a time, I helped a young woman who was adopted from Russia. She had lived a very hard life and, as a result, she did not believe that there was any such thing as God—or that there was […]

Suicide Is Everyone’s Business

Suicide is everyone’s business and we all need to care. In this video, Lacey McFarland, a suicide prevention coordinator with the Weber-Morgan County Health Department in Utah, shares some of the warning signs of suicide and offers thoughts on how we can help those who are struggling. Find more resources at the American Foundation for Suicide […]

Can Music Help With Depression?

Can music help with depression? Yes! Studies show that music can ease anxiety, restore speech, relieve pain, and reduce side effects from surgery. Music can even help people who struggle with depression. In the interview below, award-winning musician, Paul Cardall, shares his thoughts on the healing power of music. Hear more of Paul’s music (for […]