A Literal Interview Jason F. Wright

VIDEO – A Literal Interview with Author Jason F. Wright

A Literal Interview Jason F. Wright

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to interview Jason F. Wright, the New York Times bestselling author of The Christmas Jars and The Wednesday Letters. In this interview video, he shares some of his experiences and insight into writing.

Before you get intimidated by the length of the video, I want you to know that I divided it into individual chapters. So if you’d rather skip ahead to his advice for aspiring authors, or jump to ahead to a different section, you can click on the link in the video to see that part of the interview (it’s a neat little feature that YouTube has).

After the interview, I drop a few hints about one of my secret projects…

Children of God - Howard Lyon

I Am A Child of God | Art by Howard Lyon

“The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God.” (Romans 8:18)

Check out this beautiful painting by Howard Lyon!

Among the greatest treasures of knowledge that we have been given is this: we are all the children of God. This truth carries with it great blessings. It should guide us in how we treat those around us and in how we view ourselves. Each of God’s children are of great worth with immeasurable potential.

In this painting we see children from many different cultures and backgrounds. They stand with Christ, bearing witness with him that they are children of God. All of the kids look directly at the viewer confident in the joy they feel in the presence of their Savior.

When we strive to see others as God would see us, our hearts are softened, our minds are opened and the Spirit comes to dwell with us, bringing peace and joy.

To learn more about this painting, please visit: http://www.HowardLyon.com

Falling Up 2

Is It Possible to Fall UP?

Falling down is part of life.
Getting back up is part of living.

Falling Up
The inspiring story of Meg Johnson.

In 2004, Meg Johnson accidentally jumped off a 40-foot cliff and was paralyzed. Her recovery became a journey of discovery into the true nature of happiness.

Please take six and a half minutes to watch her incredible story in the video below. You won’t regret it! Below the video are some of my thoughts and some behind-the-scenes info…

In the summer of 2014, I was introduced to Scott Wilhite, the producer of this film. He had seen an interview I had conducted of Meg Johnson and was inspired by her story. I sent an email to Meg and he immediately began writing the script. What they have created is an elevating work of art. I am truly in awe of the meaning and message of this film.

Furthermore, I am so proud of Meg and all of her accomplishments! She’s a beautiful soul with an indomitable will to keep moving forward. If you’d like to learn more about her or even schedule a speaking event, please visit www.MegJohnsonSpeaks.com

Since producing this film, Scott has created an incredible app that gameifies positive psychology. He’s also planning on releasing several other inspiring films. Check out more of his work at www.nCOURAGE.tv

Drowning Save

You, Unstuck – My NEW eBook!

After nearly two months of complete radio silence, I am happy to announce my triumphant return—and I come bearing gifts!!

First of all, why the silence? Well, my wife and I had to work through a couple of heavy things and it took up a lot of our time and energy. (Don’t worry, we are fine—no marital drama. Just outside pressures.)

Also, I’ve been working on three top secret projects. These projects are so top secret that only a handful of people know about them! It would take too long for me to tell you about them here and now, but you’ll find out more about them by the end of this month (and trust me, you don’t want to miss this!)

But here’s the BIG news: my new ebook is out!! Huzzah! Let us bask in the glorious cover of my new ebook:

My former boss, Jeevan, did the illustration. Isn't it awesomeness?!
My former boss, Jeevan, did the illustration. Isn’t it awesomeness?!

A little background: This was originally intended to go into my first book, Your Life Isn’t For You, but there wasn’t enough room for it (I was contracted for a specific amount of words.) So, I published an extremely watered-down version of this idea and published it as The Most Damning Belief of All Time.

The article did so well that my publisher approached me and asked about experimenting with a short ebook. After one year (and many, many rewrites), the ebook has been published!

Here is the publisher’s summary:

All of us feel trapped, stuck, or unable to move forward in life at some point. What is it that’s holding us back? According to Seth Adam Smith, it’s who, not what. Ultimately, the greatest obstacle to achieving your full potential is you.

But you are also the solution to your greatest problem.

This book combats a destructive mind-set that we all sometimes fall into: I can’t change. I am the victim of my circumstances, and I am confined by my personal limitations. This philosophy, though intangible, destroys more dreams and limits more lives than any actual, physical obstacle. To show us how to overcome this philosophy of fear, Smith draws on literature, history, and his personal experiences with chronic depression, as well as on encounters with remarkable “ordinary” people who’ve embraced a different philosophy: the belief that we possess the power to lift ourselves out of the abyss and into the light.

Smith inspires us to see that no matter how dire our circumstances may be, there is always a positive step you can take, however small it might be. He doesn’t sugarcoat the difficulties or offer promises of overnight success. But he does promise that if you continue to see yourself as a victim you’ll remain frozen and fearful. We may not be able to control what happens to us, but we can always control how we react.

But I don’t want to give any more of it away. Click on this link and buy a copy for yourself! I dare ya. :)

Matthew Whoolery How to Be Unhappy

How to Be…Unhappy?

Everyone wants to be happy, but have you ever tried being unhappy? In this humorous and insightful TEDx talk, Dr. Matthew Whoolery (a good friend of mine), illustrates how we can find happiness through…unhappiness? But I don’t want to spoil it for you. Watch the video to learn more!

As a side note, Matt is a good friend of mine and I owe a lot to him. He helped me to see the world with friendly eyes.

Liz Lemon Swindle Mary

Each Of Us Is An Innkeeper…

“Each of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus.” -Neal A. Maxwell

I recently finished making this music video for songwriter, Shawna Belt Edwards. It features the artwork of Joseph Brickey, Howard Lyon, Jon McNaughton, and Liz Lemon Swindle. I’ve put the lyrics below the video. I hope you enjoy it!

“Do You Have Room” Lyrics

They journeyed far, a weary pair
They sought for shelter from the cold night air
Some place where she could lay her head
Where she could give her babe a quiet bed

Was there no room? No corner there?
In all the town a spot someone could spare?
Was there no soul come to their aid?
A stable bare was where the family stayed.

Do you have room for the Savior?
And do you seek Him anew?
Have you a place for the one who lived and died for you?
Are you as humble as a shepherd boy
Or as wise as men of old?
Would you have come that night?
Would you have sought the light?
Do you have room?

A star arose, a wondrous light
A sign from God — this was the holy night.
And yet so few would go to see
The babe who came to rescue you and me.

This child divine is now a King;
The gift of life to all the world He brings
And all mankind He saves from doom,
But on that night, for Him, there was no room


Will you come tonight?
Will you seek the light?
Do you have room?

What Child Is This Howard Lyon

What Child Is This?

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9:6)

Music “What Child Is This?” by David Tolk – www.DavidTolk.com

Paintings by Howard Lyon – www.HowardLyon.com

Nicole Sheahan Music

He Has Come For Us – NEW Music Video by Nicole Sheahan

I am so proud of my friend, Nicole Sheahan. She just released her first professional music video (her first not-so-professional music video was edited by me…)

Nicole is a dedicated soul, filled with powerful and inspiring faith in God. Whether you’re buried in work, lost a loved one, or just aren’t feeling the Christmas Spirit, I hope this song points you to the true meaning of Christmas.

"Truthseeker" by Howard Lyon

My Mother is Prometheus

I think the key to moving forward in life is helping others to move forward.

Figuratively speaking, when we overcome obstacles and challenges, we are given a gift of illumination. We have a greater understanding that comes from experience. The hope is that, upon gaining this illumination and experience, we’ll then go back and share it with others.

In my book, Your Life Isn’t For You, I wrote about one of the oldest examples of this process.

According to Greek mythology, there was a Titan—a Greek god—by the name of Prometheus. It is said that Prometheus not only created humans, but also saved them.

For during that time, men and women lacked the one thing that could make them as powerful as the gods:


Prometheus, the Greek God.
Prometheus, the Greek God.

Without fire, men and women were helpless and hopeless. They were unable to pierce the darkness of night, stay warm, create tools, cook their food, or build weapons to fight wild beasts and monsters. During the day, they wandered in the cold, wet mud, and at night they huddled together in caves for want of warmth.

Looking upon the creation of his hands, Prometheus took pity on the humans and resolved to bring them fire.

In the dead of night, Prometheus took a portion of the eternal fires from Mount Olympus, and left his heavenly home to bless humankind with this light.

After showing fire to men and women, he taught them how to build it on their own and use it to their advantage. Excited by this new power, humans began to build fires and tools of their own. In a very real way, Prometheus had started a kind of fire that could never be extinguished. And for the rest of time, mankind would honor and revere Prometheus, the giver of life and light.

That story makes me think of questions: Who has given you light? And have you given light to someone else?

Someone who has given me light in my own darkness is my mother.

But before I get into that, let me tell you something about my name. Whenever I write my name, I use the full version—and a lot of people make fun of me because of it. In fact, some friends in Florida have taken to calling my wife “Kim Adam Smith.” And it would amaze you how many people email me, thinking my name is ‘Adam’ or ‘Adams.’

But I’m okay with that, because my mother gave me my name. And here’s why: ‘Adams’ is my mother’s maiden name. Giving that name to me was her way of naming me after my grandfather, Boyd Adams.

Now there’s a reason I’m telling you all of this. After I tried to take my life, my mother didn’t quite know how to respond—no one did. Really, what do you say? What do you say to someone who is that deep in darkness?

"Truthseeker" by Howard Lyon
“Truthseeker” by Howard Lyon

But here’s what my mother did: She gave me hope. She told me to keep moving forward, because she believed that one day my story would inspire others and that my name would be known through my writing. I didn’t believe it, but she did.

And she told me every day.

And as the years went by, I slowly began to believe that maybe—just maybe—my story might be able to help someone. So I started putting my full name on everything.

About two years ago, I finally felt comfortable sharing the story of my suicide attempt, and I published it on my blog. It was read by a lot of people, and I got some really wonderful email responses from it.

About six months ago, I was contacted by a producer from the media department in the LDS Church. They wanted to make a video on suicide prevention, and they asked if I would be willing to share my story on camera. My first reaction was to say no, but my wife was very encouraging. As a result, the video was published a month ago, and has had over 500,000 views across all of their channels. In the video, they showed a screenshot of my blog—which puts my full name on public display.

Mormon Messages Suicide Prevention

I don’t care about my name being known. I don’t. I would much rather be behind the camera than in front of it. But seeing my name in that video was a confirmation of my mother’s belief in me—that there is hope—that there can be a purpose to our struggles.

My mother gave me life, and she also gave me light. Before that light, I was dead to the world—wandering in darkness, without a purpose. She gave me a purpose and a reason to live. Her encouragement has created a light inside of me that leads me forward.

Each of you posses the power to do the same for others—give them light. You may not think much of this ability, but to rescue a soul from darkness is god-like.

I don’t know you, and I don’t know your situation. I don’t know your challenges, and I don’t know your fears. But I know that there is hope. I know that each of us has a purpose and that our struggles teach us what that purpose is.

I love stories and literature. I love how they can inspire us to move forward. I know that someday your story will inspire someone else. So please, keep moving forward.