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Literature Can Heal the Soul

"Time and time again I have learned that while medicines can heal the body, literature and inspired words can heal the soul." -Seth Adam Smith For me, reading and writing have been the most powerful tools to help me move forward. I love literature and historical stories and what they can teach us about life. … Continue reading Literature Can Heal the Soul

Refiner's Fire

The Refiner’s Fire

The refiner’s fire is not a comfortable place to be. It involves intense heat and repeated hammering. But it is in the refiner’s fire that we are purified and prepared to meet God. Kim experienced the refiner’s fire in a way she never expected. She had always wanted a large family. Her first son wasn’t … Continue reading The Refiner’s Fire

Ivan the Terrible Murders Son

The Tragic Story Behind St. Basil’s Cathedral

In Moscow, Russia, at the far end of Red Square, stands the iconic and beautiful St. Basil's Cathedral. Once a church, this unrivaled structure was not built by a saint—nor was it originally made to memorialize any Christian virtues. It’s construction was ordered by the Tsar, Ivan Grasni, otherwise known as Ivan the Terrible and it was … Continue reading The Tragic Story Behind St. Basil’s Cathedral


The Forgotten Words of Jacob Marley

One of my all-time favorite books is A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. I didn’t always like it. In fact, when I was much younger, I pretty much hated it. I felt like it was over-commercialized and overused during Christmas. A few years ago, while listening to an audio rendition of the book, I heard … Continue reading The Forgotten Words of Jacob Marley

Seth Adam Smith TEDx Talk

My TEDx Talk – Books Don’t Create Movements…

Last month, I had the incredible opportunity to speak at TEDx in Sarasota, Florida. The title of my talk was "Books Don't Create Movements, Movements Create Books." In my presentation, I shared some ideas on how to start a movement that will help you achieve your dreams (and I even reveal my own childhood dream...) I am deeply … Continue reading My TEDx Talk – Books Don’t Create Movements…


I’m Speaking at NAMI!

Exciting news! I will be speaking at the NAMI conference in Salt Lake City on Friday, November 14th. NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness. NAMI Utah’s mission is to ensure the dignity and improve the lives of those who live with mental illness and their families through support, education and advocacy. This year's conference … Continue reading I’m Speaking at NAMI!

You have a superpower!

You Have A Superpower (No Joke!)

With all of the Marvel and DC movies coming out, it seems that the world is crying out for someone to save it—someone with a superpower. That someone could be you. Would it surprise you to hear that you possess an actual, legitimate superpower? Well, you do. Each of us has the literal power to … Continue reading You Have A Superpower (No Joke!)