Jacob Marley – Bronze side 2 AJ



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  1. Dear Seth,
    Thank you for a wonderful video. I am taking medication for depression. I am 59 years old and have worked all my life. I am a retired pipe welder. No one understands, except one who suffers it, how it feels. “Oh, snap out of it.” “Count your blessings.”
    I know these things, but it is there. I’m working on it. But it gets into you and you get tired. A dark tired. “This too shall pass.”
    I did not mean to go into this because I wrote to you on if your friend sells the Jacob Marley bronze.
    I get to hacking at times. I live out in the country and talk to my dogs a lot. I apologize. Anyway, thank you for inspiration that I took to heart the other night from that beautiful video.
    God bless.