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The Beauty of Your Brokenness | Kintsugi

Strangely enough, the most beautiful things in our lives spring from the broken things within ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, a prolonged feeling of brokenness can be unhealthy and damaging—but periodic feelings of brokenness are actually quite necessary for overall growth. We become stronger people when we are forced to reevaluate and rebuild our lives. J.K. Rowling once said that after she had…


Rip Van Winkle, Seth Adam Smith

Hope Changes Everything

My new novel opens with what I can only describe as a dark, gloomy, and near-hopeless situation. It begins with a newborn baby boy being abandoned in a cemetery—left to die on a cold, October night. But he doesn’t die, and I’ll tell you why.

Life Is Worth Living

When A Loved One Commits Suicide

When Ganel-Lyn learned about her sister’s suicide, she said it felt “like a bowling ball smashed into my heart, then fell with a thud to my stomach.” She says that the grief caused by suicide is “a different kind of grief,” one that lingers, tears at the heart, and creates questions that lead to a very dark place.

Metanoia is a change of heart.
Faith and Religion

Metanoia | A Change of Heart

I’m currently working on a novel that has caused me to think a lot about repentance. A little while ago, I was researching repentance and I stumbled upon the word metanoia. The word metanoia means “a transformative change of heart” or a spiritual conversion. The word conversion, itself, means “to turn altogether,” or to change direction. I think, too often,…