Sistas of Zion Interview

The Sistas in Zion | Hilarity Never Faileth

Last year, I had the chance to sit down and interview Tamu Smith and Zandra Vranes, creators of the website Sistas in Zion, and authors of the book Diary of Two Mad Black Mormons. In this five minute video, the Sistas share their beliefs, talk about what kind of music Elder Holland listens to, and … Continue reading The Sistas in Zion | Hilarity Never Faileth

"Ask God, not Google." My favorite Al Fox quote (she said it during our interview)!

Mormonism and a Crisis of Faith

In recent years, news headlines have trumpeted those who, for one reason or another, have criticized their Mormon faith or have abandoned it altogether. Some of these stories, filled with contentious sensationalism, have become fodder for skeptics and critics of the Church. Using either loud, bombastic language, or an alluring voice that poses as intellectual superiority, … Continue reading Mormonism and a Crisis of Faith

Hanging out with Al Fox!

Interviewing Al Fox | The Tattooed Mormon

On Sunday, I interviewed Al Fox, "the Tattooed Mormon." It happened on a whim. I was going to Utah to attend the ANASAZI Gathering and the thought came to me: "Al lives in Utah. Send her a message and ask if she'd be willing to do an interview for Forward Walking. She probably has some … Continue reading Interviewing Al Fox | The Tattooed Mormon

The Symbolic Dreams of Joseph Smith

By June of 1844, men like William and Wilson Law, Austin Cowles, Joseph Jackson, Sylvester Emmons, Robert and Charles Foster and Francis and Chauncy Higbee, were lifting up their heels against the Prophet, publishing false affidavits, spreading lies, and plotting against Joseph's life. Three Symbolic Dreams In the closing weeks of the Prophet Joseph's life, … Continue reading The Symbolic Dreams of Joseph Smith

My sister Shannon is our family's greatest blessing.

Shannon’s Words

 Born with cerebral palsy, Shannon struggled her entire life with writing and speaking...until she decided to go on a mission for the Mormon Church. Listen to her remarkable story! Shannon's story is a deeply personal one for me and I've wanted to make a video of it for a very long time. Why is this … Continue reading Shannon’s Words