Singing Hope to the Grieving Heart

Lamb of GodWithout question, Rob Gardner’s album “Lamb of God” is the best spiritual album I’ve ever heard. I bought it on Saturday to listen to on my drive home. Many of the songs came close to describing the indescribable. 

I thought it somewhat paradoxical that while raucous crowds in New York were lauding and applauding a vulgar parody on the Book of Mormon, I was alone in my car listening to an album that was moving me to greater heights of understanding.

Rob sent me an email when he began the “Lamb of God” project:

For me, this entire project is about hope and faith. Hope through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, hope in the Resurrection, and faith that it all really happened, faith that Jesus was and is truly the Christ. Over and over again the past several months, I’ve felt like there is so little hope in the world and that faith, even among the members of the Church, is weak and failing. I want to write this to reaffirm the faith that is dying and plant a seed where it has not yet grown. I want to sing hope to the grieving heart, to the one who thought all was lost, that they are no longer worthy of the inheritance promised them.

“I want to sing hope to the grieving heart.” For me, that’s exactly what this album did. Through this album, I’ve started to relate to the earthly ministry of the Savior in ways I had never considered.

Peter’s denial of Christ and eventual redemption really resonated with me. It reminded me of my mission in Russia. The track “At the Sea of Tiberius” shares the account of when Peter cast himself into the sea and swam to shore to see the Savior (John 21:7). At that point, the music flared up and I couldn’t help but feel the emotion of the moment. Here was Peter, a man who had thrice denied Christ, now casting himself into the perilous sea to tell him, three times, “Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee” (John 21:16). Such a story sings hope to those who regret their past mistakes. 

It was a beautiful moment that I would have missed had I not listened to Rob Gardner’s album.

I encourage you to purchase and listen to “Lamb of God” by Rob Gardner. Allow these songs of the Savior to sing hope to you.