Be the Sea of Galilee

The Middle East contains a number of significant landmarks and yet it also contains two bodies of water which, I think, offer profound guidance on how to live life. The name of these two bodies of water are: the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee.

The Dead Sea is the lowest point of elevation on land and its water is 9.6 times saltier than the ocean. In fact, its very salinity creates such a harsh environment that it cannot support life.

The Sea of Galilee
The Sea of Galilee

In contrast, the Sea of Galilee (just north of the Dead Sea) is the largest freshwater lake in Israel and provides water for plants, animals, and even countries.

Now both of these lakes are geographically similar (only 65 miles/105 km apart) and they’re both exceptionally low in elevation. So how are these two lakes so different?

Well, there are a number of factors that contribute to their differences, but the most startling one is this: the Sea of Galilee has a river that leads out. By way of the Upper Jordan River, water flows into the Sea of Galilee, and then, by way of the Lower Jordan River, water flows out.

The Dead Sea
The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea has no such outlet. Water flows in, but nothing flows out—it keeps everything it gets. And it’s inability to open up and let go prevents the flow of water to act as a natural filter. As a result, the Dead Sea is substantially larger than the Sea of Galilee—but except for the occasional photograph and salt scrub, the Dead Sea offers very little.

To me, the lesson of these two seas is clear: Be the Sea of Galilee. Don’t be like the Dead Sea and selfishly hoard what you are given. If you want to have a more abundant life, graciously receive what God gives to you then give to others.

It seems so counter-intuitive, especially when some of the rich and famous have so much and give so little. But life and love are found where people give, not take. And as far as I know, God never walked the shores of the Dead Sea, but He walked on the waters of Galilee.

I guarantee you that as you graciously receive from and give to others you will feel a greater abundance of life.

…and perhaps you’ll even feel the presence of God.

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