Breaking MY Silence on Suicide | My Interview with KSL

My wife practically forced me to press play. I watched most of it through a raised glass, distorting all of the images.

I’m not too comfortable being on camera, unless I think I’m funny. And suicide isn’t funny.

In any case, my interview for KSL’s special on suicide is now online. You can watch it by clicking here.

I’ve had a lot of incredible feedback. My life is filled with wonderful, supportive family and friends. I was particularly touched to see dozens of my friends share the link to my story on Facebook.

After reading all of the comments (some of them from people who are currently struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts), I’ve decided to write a faith-based book on recovery from depression and suicide. It’s time to shine the light on the darkness.

On a humorous note, probably my favorite comment came from Bob Pettit, the husband of a life-long friend (and Forward Walking contributor) Janae. Here’s what Bob wrote:



16 thoughts on “Breaking MY Silence on Suicide | My Interview with KSL

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  3. I too have been in Seth’s position, not once, but twice. It is hard to deal with the shame, of coming back to what you were trying to get away from, to face people who now look at you differently. But I feel that by knowing what the warning signs are, you know when someone in on the edge, and you can help them. I truly admire Seth, after seeing the clip, and I wish him all the best in his journey through life, just take each day as it comes, I know I am :)

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