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It's a Phe-BLOG-enon! I'm Publishing ANOTHER Book!

Hanging out at the top of Shadow Mountain!
Hanging out at the top of Shadow Mountain!

Contract signed, sealed, and delivered! I am publishing two books this year! Berrett-Koehler will publish one of my books in the fall, and now Shadow Mountain will be publishing another book in June. For a kid who has wanted to publish books his whole life, this entire thing is a miracle—a serendipitous miracle. A phenomenon started by a simple blog post. A phe-blog-enon!

But then again, it really didn’t start with the blog post. It all started with Kim. In a paradoxical way, supporting her dreams has helped my own dreams come true.

You may think I’m just being sentimental (which I won’t deny) but allow me to tell you how this is true:

Had Kim and I not gotten married, we never would have moved to San Francisco. Initially, I didn’t want to go, but Kim wanted to live there to pursue her career in theater and I wanted to be supportive of her passion, so I somewhat reluctantly agreed.

Had we not moved to San Francisco, I never would have taken that internship at Berrett-Koehler (because Kim encouraged me and supported me). Had I not been an intern at Berrett-Koehler, I never would have met the people at Shadow Mountain Publishing (because they visited to exchange ideas). Had I not continued working at Berrett-Koehler, I never would have started (because Jeevan at BK inspired me to “start a movement” of good things). Had I not started, I never would have written “Marriage Isn’t For You.”

Then, when the blog post became a “pheblogenon,” several publishing companies and agents (including Berrett-Koehler and Shadow Mountain) contacted me about the possibility of publishing a book.

And now, as a direct result of my marriage to the girl of my dreams—and supporting her dreams—my own dreams are coming true. Marriage is pheblogenal!

As for what the book is about…I’ll let you know sometime around June…. 🙂



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  1. Amazing story Seth fact phenomenal .. Loved it totally and its a great inspiration for everyone dreaming to be an author some day ..its so beautiful you shared how the events unfold without our consciousness to take us to our final destination..with all your expression of gratitude to all the people and organisation that unfold one by one step starting from you beloved wife is a true story of love, gratitude and dreams.

    Infinite gratitude for sharing it with all of us. Love to read your books and looking forward for their publication.