A Revolutionary Thought

Years ago, I had a revolutionary thought while standing on a revolutionary spot. It was snowy, cold, and crowded. I don’t like crowds, but I didn’t see these people as a crowd—I saw them as individuals. I saw them as people like myself—as people with hopes, dreams, families, and lives as real as my own. And as I looked at…


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A World Beyond Our Own

I think that the Great Depression and World War II are remarkable times in history. They’re remarkable because they prove that the very worst things can happen and yet, there’s still hope. That hope, however, is dependent upon our ability to see a world beyond our own—to see a world beyond ourselves. The Arrogant Prince Over one hundred years ago, in the…


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How to Find Gold

I was born in Anchorage, Alaska and I love the history and symbolism of that northern land. In the nineteenth century, many prospectors came to Alaska to find gold and riches. Few of those people found any gold. But I firmly believe that we have the power to find gold in any situation. I know this because of the Klondike Gold Rush. The…


Future Hopeless
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Is The Future Hopeless?

The world feels darker these days, doesn’t it? Every day brings a new headline that is seemingly worse than the day before: Politics, disease, war, pollution, terrorism, hacking, natural disasters, school shootings, social upheaval, and a general feeling of fear, rebellion, or outright hatred. The world, it seems, is drifting into darkness. And it makes the best of us wonder, is the future hopeless? I’m writing to…